Welcome to Agile SOURCING
Introduction to Agile SOURCING
  Time 3:30

Welcome to the Client Interface for Agile SOURCING.

Agile SOURCING is the fruit of years of experience acquired by Agile OAK's team, while leading and facilitating large sourcing events tailored to the needs of Facility Management organizations.

Agile SOURCING is a web-based platform designed to share information:

  • It allows Agile OAK's consultants to interact with the Client's Project Team.
  • It provides immediate access to Agile OAK's Library of Project Documents.
  • It enables to consult interactive presentations and tutorials at each Project Team member's convenience.
Contrary to other web-based sourcing solutions, Agile SOURCING is a platform that is 100% customized for the sourcing event it supports. It does not require any licensing agreement and includes advanced users and administrative rights.Log-in Now

Please contact JP Rodrigues for any inquiries pertaining to the Agile SOURCING such as password reset or demo requests: