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High Performing Facilities Management Organizations

By Michael Redding, Managing Director, Agile OAK & JP Rodrigues, Director, Agile OAK.

  • This whitepaper offers an in-depth discussion of the eight essential attributes of a high performing facility management (FM) organization. The article explains how each of the eight attributes contribute to high performance and how organizations cannot focus on just some of the attributes to be successful. The framework presented is the basis for Agile OAK’s in-depth FM assessment methodologies and is the result of the cumulative insights from several years’ experience assessing and transforming FM organizations.
  • Agile OAK would like to thank its collaboration partners, Peter Prischl and Georg Stadlhofer from Reality Consult GmbH , as well as Louis Liu from FacilityONE FM Consulting Limited for their contributions and perspectives on the development of this whitepaper.

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