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Agile OAK works with Real Estate & Facilities Management clients across a variety of industries including bio-pharma, health care, high education, financial services and manufacturing. The follow selected case studies highlight our experience supporting clients with facility operational assessments, benchmarking, organizational restructuring, cost reduction initiatives, vendor optimization & integrated facilities management outsourcing. Please contact us to learn more about how Agile OAK can support the needs of your real estate and facility management organization.

Bio-Pharma  back

A major pharmaceutical company’s Global Research Facility Management organization retained Agile OAK to support a variety of assessment and transformation initiatives. This organization, which managed a portfolio of research sites both in North America and internationally, wanted to better understand current performance, generate significant cost savings and ensure consistent, repeatable, performance at all supported locations.

The project began with operational and benchmarking assessments at a number of US locations. These “deep dives” included detailed diagnostics of the organization’s spending, organizational structure, business processes, maintenance and technology solutions. A phase II study examined the management of laboratory assets across the US research portfolio.

Subsequent to the initial studies, Agile OAK facilitated a number of specific improvement initiatives including full FM outsourcing at two sites (one in the UK the other in the US) as well as more targeted “category sourcing” of security, cleaning and a variety of maintenance services across our client’s research portfolio. In parallel, there were a number of internal process improvement initiatives primarily focused on developing and deploying maintenance best practices. Organizationally, Agile OAK facilitated a restructuring to create a series of cross-site process teams to drive portfolio wide best practices in facility maintenance, capital projects, laboratory services and site services. These teams were designed to better leverage client scale economies and ensure consistent deployment of business processes, vendors management strategies and facility management best practices.

In addition to enhanced service delivery and reporting, the direct savings attributed to these initiatives are in excess of $20 Million / year.

Healthcare  back

One of the nation’s largest healthcare providers retained Agile OAK to support a multi-phase evaluation of its 50+ million square feet portfolio composed of hospitals, medical buildings, same-day surgery centers and office buildings.

The project was initiated with a regional FM evaluation which included an operational assessment as well as cost benchmarking against the facility operations of other major healthcare providers. Several opportunities for cost efficiency were identified. The assessment also identified opportunities to better use the existing CMMS functionality to support the Facilities Management organization without major new investment. As part of the due diligence process for implementation, Agile OAK developed both in-house and outsourced transformation scenarios which considered cost benefits over time, risk factors and implementation challenges.

Agile OAK is currently supporting the deployment of an enhanced organizational model, targeted sourcing initiatives and similar assessments in other regions.

Higher Education  back

A New York based college of an Ivy League University had Agile OAK conduct a detailed assessments and provided subsequent transformation support of their outsourced facility operations. The initial phase of the project consisted of the following:

The initial phase of the project consisted of the following analyses:

  • Operational Assessment
  • Partnering Assessment & Resource Evaluation
  • Budgeting & Benchmark Diagnostic

The results of the initial phase found that the outsourced operating model was cost effective, but not achieve appropriate levels of customer services or care of College infrastructure. In addition to a number of recommended process and technology enhancements, it was decided to move away from the outsourced model and return to an in-house facility management model.

During the second phase of the project, Agile OAK supported the on-boarding and transition of key members of the Facilities Operations Leadership Team while also focusing on the following operational enhancements to ease the transition and ensure success throughout the transformation:

  • Deploy enhanced budgeting and financial management processes
  • Reconfigure CMMS solution to better support asset management and employee productivity
  • Establish defined customer service levels
  • Develop staff skills

Agile OAK supported the transition process to a full in-house model through both the on-boarding as well as current state documentation providing the management team with tools needed for an effective transformation.

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